At the centre of the Earth a great fire heaves and smoulders. It is the same with us. Whether scholars, poets, farmers, administrators, or dreamers, we each have ears and we have heard the call even if we sometimes pretend otherwise.

When the Hopi Nation Elders announced ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’ they were not speaking in the abstract. They were inviting us to recognise that destiny is calling. That we have volition. That an invitation requires a reply. The journey to becoming a change maker – a person of influence, a catalyst for action – necessitates a rite of passage. We have to send a call deep into the bowels of our very being, a heart-song that reaches to the centre and softly commands attention.

  • Change Maker is a ceremony of initiation for those who have heard the call and yet feel somehow inhibited in taking action.
  • Change Maker is a deepening journey that will encourage and inspire those who are on a pathway and yet know that another threshold beckons.
  • Change Maker is a crucible of intention from which choices can be ignited that will endure and serve.
  • Change Maker is a gathering of people from diverse backgrounds who seek to bring their gifts forward to greater effect and impact.

This short course enquires into the subterranean world of self-worth, good intentions, deep feeling, inspiration, determination, and leadership.

Join us on this course if you want to:

  • Find empowerment, volition, and the capacity to catalyse change
  • Experience a deepened commitment to self, to others, to the invisible path
  • Take action for a better world
  • Refine your own approach to making change
  • Achieve deeper connection and relationship with nature as the well-spring of spiritual wisdom
  • Enhance self-worth, self-respect, self-belief and self-leadership
  • Incorporate ceremony into your everyday life
  • Stand with others who care deeply for this earth

Join Mac at Schumacher College 30 October – 3 November 2017. Book here.