Both Kith & Kin mentoring circles are now full so the application process has been closed. Over time it is possible that places will become available. If you would like to register your interest please send a message to Mac via the ‘Get in Touch’ tab.

The Intention

A deep and extended mentorship journey into self-authority, self-leadership, and generous, compassionate, courageous action in service to ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ (Charles Eisenstein).

For the first time Mac offers this depth experience to people who:

  • Are committed to the twin trail – the inner path of self-becoming, self-healing, and deep connection; the outer path of being in service to the Earth and all life
  • Have the hunger, time, resourcefulness, and commitment to engage in this learning journey as a whole person – mind, body, emotion and spirit, potentially over several years.
  • Have a hunch that in working alongside Mac (and others) for a while, will strengthen, deepen, and assist them in becoming more embodied

The Purpose

This journey is undertaken in service to our mother earth, her people, and all beings. It is designed for those who in addition to growing their potential will simultaneously and forever, give their energy, love and talents towards the emergence of a peaceful, flourishing and regenerative world community.

The Content

There is no specific syllabus, no set duration, no certificate of completion, and no resulting qualification. Mac will guide an emergent process that goes into the belly of that which enabled him to meet himself, find alignment, and ‘live while he was alive’*

Aside from the online sessions, Kith & Kin is largely based outdoors in nature and in ceremony. It is a group journey comprised of individual trails that continuously twine, separate, and join. Together and separately there will be adventures that probe the unknown, listen, share, dream, dance, sing, teach, and engage choices that launch the group and/or individuals into places that are at times joyous, terrifying, bewildering, illuminating, confusing, funny, unsafe, reassuring, invigorating and tiring. Participants will sometimes fast, research and study, write and speak, tell stories, pray, climb, swim, plant, and forage. They will make things, create, destroy, and mourn. They will celebrate, practise compassion, deepen into trustworthiness, and develop powers of discernment. They will seek to inhabit a world that is animate, present, wild, nourishing and always surprising.

“We will endeavour to go deep and far. We will be true friends to each other. We will never retract our love for this earth, her people and all beings. We will live our lives in service.” Mac Macartney

*George Bernard Shaw

Programme shape and duration

Kith & Kin will involve at least one 7-day residential each year. It will also include bi-monthly 1:1 and full group on-line sessions, together with some study/research, writing, and individual projects.

Kith & Kin will not have a fixed end or completion date. People will apply, engage, and have their experience. People will leave whenever the circle no longer serves their journey. New people will arrive as others leave. Like a village the programme will accumulate a history, a culture, and many stories. It will have its time and then it will cease.

The Residential Venue

The venue for this first year is located in Dartmoor National Park in the south west of the UK. It is a beautiful, rewilding location. The facilities are very basic but ideal for the purposes of this programme.

Cost £1,510

Total annual full programme costs (incl one residential, 1:1 sessions and bi-monthly on-line group sessions). Once an application has been accepted and you have confirmed your interest, you will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit of £200, payable on registration. Thereafter, the balance will be paid via 10 monthly standing order instalments of £131.

Note: Mac wants to make this programme available to a proportion of people who can’t afford the full cost, however his capacity to do this will depend upon sufficient people paying 100% of fees indicated. Should you require a discount please write letting us know your circumstances and what you can afford. A time will then be arranged to discuss your situation. You will, of course, still need to make an application and be accepted on to the programme.

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