Mac is the founder of Embercombe and he continues to be closely involved with this innovative and pioneering organisation. He co-leads two of Embercombe’s iconic core programmes, The Journey and The Descent, aside from contributing to many others.

Inspired by nature, Embercombe is a place to reconnect to your wild authentic self, resourcing you to live a passionate, intimate and purposeful life

…a wonderful opportunity to spend time exploring the wilderness – the landscapes of the physical, mind and soul. A chance to slip out of your normal day to day life, leave behind the chaos of life, and spend some quiet time in nature so that you can start seeing glimpses of the true you. –  Jo Kilburn

Be prepared to go beyond your current experience of life, of yourself, and enjoy the ride. Re-connect with your self in Nature, re-wild yourself! –  Michele Kaye

The embodiment of how changing ourselves changes the world. Hugely powerful personal journeying and change. Held beautifully and safely by people who live by their truths. –  Christopher Noble

I spoke on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Costing the Earth’ last week and thanks to Embercombe’s Speaking Out workshop I feel I spoke with clarity, strength and from my deepest values. –  Claudi Williams