Do you ever feel that even your pauses have to be justified? Do you make time to fold in, to listen, to wander without going a prescribed route? Do you listen to the trees that call you? Do you give yourself the space to imagine new projects and create anew? What does it look like to “go free”?

Mac is joined by Giles Hutchins as they compare notes on navigating career paths, following a feeling and facing the unknown. Giles leaving his successful corporate career path to do his soul’s work and Mac wrestling with the courage to pursue his dream of creating a valley to grow people.

Giles Hutchins is our second guest on the SHED HEAD podcast and is a provocateur at the leading-edge of next generation transformational leadership and organisational development. He is the Founding Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, Chairman of the Future Fit Leadership Academy, co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, Partner of The Bio-Leadership Project and senior adviser to a number of pioneering institutions. Through his work he has helped transform a wide range of organisations across the corporate, public, third and start-up sectors. He is the former Global Sustainability Director for Atos and also worked as a management consultant with KPMG. He is the author of The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit. Giles believes these transformational times demand that we become adaptable, creative, innovative and courageous.